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Frequently Asked Questions

On Thursday, April 26, 2018, millions of workplaces, employees, parents and children will celebrate the 24th year anniversary of the Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work® Day program.

Find more detailed information about the program below.

Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work® encourages girls and boys across the country to dream without gender limitations and to think imaginatively about their family, work and community lives. This national, public education program connects what children learn at school with the actual working world. Children learn that a family-friendly work environment is an employer and family issue and not just a woman’s issue. Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work helps girls and boys across the nation discover the power and possibilities associated with a balanced work and family life.
There are various ways to plan your Day. The Coordinator’s Toolkit contains our suggestions that will help you in your planning process.
The Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Foundation administers the Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work® program. In July 2007, with the overwhelming success of Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day, the Ms. Foundation decided to transition the program to the newly created Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Foundation so that Ms. Foundation could turn its attention to other platforms to nurture girls’ voices and leadership.
When we say “Our Daughters And Sons” we mean more than our own children. Workplaces and individuals are encouraged to ensure all our nation’s daughters and sons participate in the program by inviting children from housing authorities and shelters, nieces and nephews, neighbors and friends, granddaughters and grandsons, and more, to join them for Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work® Day. Through this program, adults can show girls and boys opportunities they would have otherwise never known existed. The recommended range for eligible school participants is between the ages of 8 and 18.

Ensuring girls and boys of all races, ethnicities, and economic circumstances participate in Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work® Day has always been a major component of the program and is something we are committed to continuing.

Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work® is a program with new goals, and new activities. Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work® is designed for both girls and boys between the ages of 8 -18, and focuses on expanding future opportunities for all our children, in both their work and family lives.

This is the first time that most girls and boys will be asked to talk about how they envision their future home and work lives. For some participants it will be easier to start these conversations in a group comprised of their own gender. For this reason, we recommend separating the girls and boys for the first few activities. After girls and boys have a chance to articulate their ideas, it will be easier to come together and share them.

Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work® Day is organized during the school year so girls and boys can take what they learn in workplaces on Thursday and apply it to the classroom on Friday. By involving whole communities—schools, girls and boys, parents, workplaces, and mentors—the program helps young people make connections between what they learn in school and their future goals.

In fact, many girls participated in Take Our Daughters To Work® Day through their schools, especially in low-income communities. Teachers helped workplaces “adopt” whole classrooms for the Day, allowing children to walk through doors they otherwise would not have the chance to enter.

By sticking to a national date—the fourth Thursday in April—communities and schools plan ahead and work together to create a dynamic interaction between the workplace and the classroom. And by participating on the official date of the program, a young person recognizes that s/he is one of millions helping to shape the future.

We conducted a poll with RoperASW for the 10th Anniversary of Take Our Daughters to Work® Day. Our findings revealed that the program increased girls’ interest in education, influenced their decision to go to college or professional school, and broadened girls’ thinking about their goals and aspirations with reference to work opportunities. The new program is an educational experience for all of our nation’s daughters and sons.

For more information about how to organize the Day call (800) 676-7780 or email us at todastw@mindspring.com.
The national date for Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work® Day is always the fourth Thursday in April. The next Day will be on Thursday, April 26, 2018.
Our sponsors are companies and organizations that recognize the potential in young girls and boys and are committed to helping them access and realize opportunities. For a list of companies and workplaces that sponsor the Day, visit the Sponsor page of the website.
The program is recommended for girls and boys ages 8 to 18. While children who are older than twelve may benefit from the program, it has been our experience that children under eight tend to be facing different issues and simply do not benefit from the program in the same way. We find that due to issues like attention span, reading comprehension, etc. the day doesn’t speak to their experience. However, there are many ways to incorporate these discussions into girls’ and boys 7 and under lives – it just requires a little creativity and planning!

However, while we provide a national, suggested age range for participants it is ultimately at the discretion of an individual workplace to decide on appropriate age range for their program, especially when safety is an issue. To assist and support workplaces that include youth who are in their late teens, we have established content and materials that speak to the various age levels such as older teenagers.

For over 24 years, the Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work® event has been scheduled for the fourth Thursday in April, during which last year 39 million people participated in the U.S. alone. As this is an international event, it cannot be rescheduled around school testing days. We regret that some states and schools have chosen not to take our event into account when scheduling their testing days. Unfortunately we cannot control their calendars.