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Register NOW For Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day!

We would like to track the Big Impact that our partnership is making! We strongly encourage Bigs to register for Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day by providing the number of Littles they will bring to a TODASTW Day event! If your workplace is participating in TODASTW Day, please encourage your TODASTW Day Planning Committee to also register for the event.

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About the Author:

Carolyn McKecuen has been the Chief Executive Officer of Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work® (TODASTW) Foundation since 2007. She played an integral role as a consultant in the Take Our Daughters To Work Day’s creation in 1992. Carolyn uses her expertise, leadership, and collaboration in business development and communications to advocate for changes in social policy and public awareness on behalf of youth. On April 24, 2014, during the 22nd annual TODASTW Day, 39 million participants at over 3 million workplaces took part in the time-honored tradition of taking their child, a neighbor's child, or relative's child to the workplace.

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