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2016 Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work® Day at NBCUniversal in NYC!

Watch this AMAZING coverage from NBCUniversal’s Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work® Day Event from April 28th!

A Message from AOL and Arianna Huffington

AOL LogoAOL is thrilled to host over 1,400 students across 20 offices. As a company with a deep-seated commitment to empowering future leaders, we are proud to support such an important day. Arianna Huffington hosted last year’s opening remarks in NYC; here’s another message from her.

My name is Arianna Huffington, and I am the editor in chief of The Huffington Post. I want you to have a lot of fun at Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work® Day, and I also have a little homework assignment for you — are you ready for it? — I want you to get enough sleep so that you can be the best you: healthier, better at everything you want to do, and happier. And I want you to help your mommies and daddies get more sleep. My girls often laugh as they remember me reading books to them to put them to sleep — through the years graduating from Dr. Seuss to Harry Potter — and falling asleep in mid-sentence. They used to shake me and say, “Wake up, Mom, wake up, Mom! Finish the story!’” Sound familiar?

I also want to give all of you a chance to see what it’s like to be a reporter. We have a new series called Talk to Me where kids get to interview their parents – you can ask them anything you want!. Email us at talktome@huffingtonpost.com and our team will tell you how you can do it from anywhere!

To download AOL’s Activity Guides, click the images below.

2016 Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work® Day Support Letter from President Obama

White House Seal

April 8, 2016
We send warm wishes to all those participating in Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work® Day!

Our Nation’s progress has always been defined by the opportunities our youngest minds have to harness their creativity, indulge their curiosity, and make discoveries about the world around them. In showing these young people a multitude of career paths and the importance of public service, we offer them the chance to ignite their passions and broaden their horizons. On Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work® Day, we are reminded of the part we play – as parents, guardians, and role models – in inspiring coming generations to build a more innovative and inclusive future.

As workplaces across our country open their doors to young visitors on this special day, we wish everyone all the best.

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama signature

Click here to see the original support letter from President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.


Message From Our Executive Director

2016 was a spectacular year, but we expect 2017 will be even better!

Carolyn McKecuenGreetings!

The Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Foundation is delighted to bring you another opportunity to create an enriching educational experience for our nation’s daughters and sons. For over 23 years, individuals, families, organizations, and workplaces have joined in the Day to expand opportunities and transform the lives of millions of girls and boys both nationally and internationally.

Designed to be more than a career day, the Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work program goes beyond the average “shadow” an adult. Exposing girls and boys to what a parent or mentor in their lives does during the work day is important, but showing them the value of their education, helping them discover the power and possibilities associated with a balanced work and family life, and providing them an opportunity to share how they envision the future and begin steps toward their end goals in a hands-on and interactive environment is key to their achieving success. Each year, we develop new interactive activities and partnerships that will assist us in taking girls and boys to the future they dream of.

By bringing girls and boys together, we will continue to create a more equitable world—at home, at school, in the workplace, and in the community. This year we are celebrating the opportunities that girls and boys will discover and the opportunities for parents, mentors, and the community to continue involvement in this unique educational experience.

I look forward to the 2017 Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day program and celebrating our 24th anniversary!

Warm regards,

Carolyn McKecuen (click to view Carolyn’s biography)
Executive Director
Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Foundation

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