April 25, 2024
inspire 2 aspire

2024 event theme and logo

This year’s Take Our daughters and Sons Theme is “Inspire 2 Aspire” and this year’s logo is shown below.


This year’s theme is about instilling a mindset that children can choose their own future. It highlights the collaborative development of youth, preparing them to navigate the evolving world of work. Through this campaign, we aim to create a ripple effect, where the inspiration gained by the youth transforms into a force for positive change, shaping a more inclusive, innovative, and empowered workforce.

“Inspire 2 Aspire” embodies the mission and objectives of both the Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Foundation (TODASTWD) and Junior Achievement (JA). The core message revolves around the idea that each child has the potential to be an inspiration in their own right. By participating in programs that offer a glimpse into various careers and industries, they not only gain valuable insights but also become catalysts for positive change. It promotes diversity, encouraging youth to explore different paths and envision a future where their unique strengths contribute to a harmonious and dynamic workplace.

Our 2024 “Inspire 2 Aspire” logo artwork is available for you to create your own shirts and giveaways for the day.  All we ask is for a $2 donation per imprint.  You can download the Usage Release form here and it contains additional information.  We are a non-profit Foundation and rely on your generous donations to keep this important program alive.

2024 activities and help for your day

We have activities and guides to help you create a successful day.  Click below to access our 2024 Guides and tool kits (links will take you to dropbox.com to access the documents).



Be sure to visit our “Resources” tab (at top of this page) to access past documents and additional ideas for planning your day.

2023 Event wrap up

Take Our Children to Work Day was a huge success across the USA.  Events were held across a wide range of employers, from government offices and network television studios to offices and manufacturing sites.  Congratulations to all on this wonderful way to show our children the workplace and to learn about career options.

The Virtual Event hosted jointly with Junior Achievement was a great success.  You can view the recorded video here.

Our Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work (TM) 2023 Theme, was “Working Better Together.”  The 2023 theme emphasizes working together for a common purpose. 

Our logos are available for your use for a modest fee.  Click here to access the request form. 

2023 Workplace Event Toolkit and Guidebooks have been released.  Click here for a link to the 2023 Toolkit (on Homepage/ Resources/ Planning Tips page).  Click here for the Grades 6-12 Activity Book and here for the Grade 2-5 Activity Book (Homepage/ Resources/ Activity Center/ Activity Guides page).  Previous years’ activity books and event ideas can also be found on our Activity Guides page.  They are full of new activities to use in your company’s event and share with your young participants while they develop skills they can use in school and the work environment. 

The Virtual component was recorded and can be viewed by clicking here.  This component extends the day to those parents and children who do not have access to the workplace as well as complement an employer’s on-site program. 

We are a non-profit organization and encourage you and your employer to consider a generous donation or sponsorship to support these efforts.


Programming Notes
Resources and Activities from Sponsors and Partners